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  • Attention: Estate Planning Firms and Trust Attorneys:

    COVID-19 may continue to impact live seminars and workshops beyond 2023

  • If you want to travel fast, go alone.

    If you want to go far, travel together.

    African Proverb:

    We Serve Those Who Travel Together.

    Trust Law & Estate Planning

    We know the value of this kind of planning and many of the challenges that you deal with. Our founder has also known an estate planning attorney since their college days and they have kept in touch for these years. The impact of COVID-19 may be an opportunity for your firm to embrace the kinds of marketing that will put your message where your clients can find you now. This is not just a strategy for this rare moment but for many years to come. Those that embrace today's change are ready for tomorrow's as well.

    Financial Planners

    Financial Planners have special needs regarding advertising. Legal restrictions as well as requirements from regulatory agencies creates limitations on what can and should be done. 

    This is just one reason why Financial Planners like to market with Estate Planning Attorneys and Trust Attorneys. Their work go hand in hand with yours and the marketing is more effective too.

    CPAs and Accouting Firms

    We also work with accounting and bookkeeping firms in part because in over 30 years in business, we understand how vital these firms are for small and medium size businesses. It is more than just taxes... A good CPA will pay for themselves by helping management understand where losses are occurring and when resources are being wasted. CPAs also play an important role in managing large, complex estates, firms that deal with a variety of real estate holdings.  

    What We Do For Your Practice

    Internet Marketing

    Find New Clients

    Take the guesswork out of targeting prospective clients and avoid costly mistakes.


    Present Your Workshop

    Transform your live workshop into an online seminar that is shown only to registered prospects.

    Set Appointments

    Book intake consultations AUTOMATICALLY into times you reserved. They show-up in your own calendar.

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